Zingaro’s Natural Reserve

This corner of paradise still clean, this spontaneous vegetation and strong that combines the intense blue of a cloudless sky the color of a changing sea from the crystal clear waters, is a treasure trove where the open land still smells of the earth and the sea still smells of the sea, two components that inspire the study, meditation to physical relaxation and spiritual.” (G. Battaglia)”

The territory

The Gypsy has an area of ​​1650 hectares and a coastline of about 7 km The reserve covers the western part of the Gulf of Castellammare, along the eastern side of the peninsula of Capo San Vito overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani.

The coast has an alternation of high cliffs that plunge into the blue and creeks of gently sloping towards the sea.

The sea views from the pebbly coves all have the appearance of clear niches hollowed on the side of the dolomite walls that coming from the south side of Scopello and going North take the name of the Capreria Cala, Cala del Varo (reachable by sea), the Cala Disa or Gypsy, Beretta Cala, Cala Marinella, Cala Tower dell’Uzzo the limestone substrate which enhances the transparency of the water just like a tropical environment. And in the end Tonnarella dell’Uzzo. The underwater landscape is a continuous succession of colors and shapes. It starts from the side where the impact of the sea is turbulent and adorn the red alga Lithophyllum tortuosum intricate and frayed.

Maps and Itineraries

The routes suggested here have many variations. Following the signs and paying attention to the map, anyone can carve out the itinerary that best suits your needs. Donload the map of Zingaro.

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