Egadi Islands


is the largest of the Egadi islands, reachable from the port of Trapani. Coast who, lets find a territory in many corners transformed by human labor, which for centuries has used these rocks to build houses in Sicily. The colors of this land, catch the attention of many tourists who come from all over the world.


island from the mythological past, which associates its geographic position at the home of Ulysses, Ithaca. The scene of battles between the Romans and Carthaginians, preserves the archaeological site known as “Roman Holiday.” The coastline rich in numerous caves, can be discovered by boat and swimming, giving light and heavenly atmospheres.


The smallest of the major islands of the Egadi’s archipelago, hides the cave of the Genovese, discovered in the 50s by chance by a tourist, who keeps graffiti dating to 12,000 years ago. A message from the past that tells the story of these places.

The Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands, the largest across Europe, offers exceptional environmental values ​​such as the largest prairie of posedonia in the Mediterranean, dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals and hundreds of species of fish. The area includes all three of the major islands, protected and controlled also by the local community, to add value to the beauty and magic of this place.


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