Miths and legends

Nell’antichità Erice era nota per il suo tempio ove i Fenici adoravano Astarte, i Greci Afrodite ed i Romani Venere.

The history of Erice has its roots in the legend.
The Elimi called Iruka, the Punic Erech, the Greeks and the Romans Eryx. Centuries of history and myth make great charm Mount Erice, which is characterized by the village of medieval, made up of narrow streets lined with flagstones and cobblestones. For centuries, Erice, was the place of worship of love, with the Castle of Venus, where, according to legend, Aeneas on his journey he stopped to pay homage to the Mother Goddess.

Erice: what to see

The mother Church

Near to Porta di Trapani (Trapani’s door),one of the entrances to the city, lies the beautiful Mother Church which dates from the fourteenth century and was built with material from the Temple of Venus.

It a churchfortress crowned with battlements with a large porch and a Gothic rose window illeggiadrisce the facade and an interior in the Gothic Revival style.
To his left, adjacent and isolated, there is the bell tower, a tower d sighting, with Ghibelline battlements and loopholes in Chiaramonte style.

The Castlr of Venus

Il Castello risale al periodo normanno (XII sec.), quando su questo promontorio, vi erano i resti dell’antico tempio dedicato a Venere Ericina.

The Normans built a fortress surrounded by walls and protected by its location and by the most advanced Towers of Balio, once connected to the castle by a drawbridge.

The defensive nature is still witnessed by machicolations above the main entrance enriched by the arms of Charles V of Spain and a beautiful mullioned window.

The Panorama

The view extends all around offering superb views of Trapani and the Egadi islands to the south-west and to the north, the towers, the tower Pepoli, the Church of St. John, Mount Hood, the coast with Bonagia and, if the air is particularly clear, up to Pantelleria and Cape Bon in Tunisia, where Erice is situated just 170 km.


Erice is also the Centre for Scientific Culture “Ettore Majorana“, where throughout the year are organized seminars and meetings among the greatest scientists in the world.

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